Be Happy…Dance

Dancing makes us happy. There is no doubt about it. You cannot watch dance and be or stay mad, sad or in a negative frame of mind for too long. It is like a natural elixir that allows us to visually channel into a peaceful place that melts away what troubles us. And that goes for the dancer as well as the viewer(s) of dance. A smile naturally comes on your face without you even noticing it. It just happens.

I kind of look at dance as a natural mood elevator, a tension releaser and our body’s own active meditation process. And to top it all off, it is good physical exercise! You know when people tell you to “just breathe,” well I “just dance.” Dance makes us stand out, not everybody dances (although I think they are missing out on one of the purest of joys the world has to offer). Dance is a wonderful way to express your feelings and innermost thoughts. You can be creative, combine flair with dimension and spice up your social life too. Dance stimulates our brain and all of our senses. One of the things our non-profit organization stands for, is the wonderful experience dancing brings to school children. Our founder, Mrs. Marilyn Fordney, has brought the gift of dance to thousands of school children. Our Dancing With Our Local Schools events are well known in the Conejo Valley. This is a great part of what our foundation does and stands for. Many young children get the opportunity to dance, when they may have never thought of it before or ever done it, or even have it offered to them!  Most children come away happy and delighted with the newly found experience.

If you have never danced before and are looking for ways “to feel good about yourself,” nothing can compare to dance. Better than being all bottled up inside, you are acting out, releasing energy and turning negativity into positive action. Sometimes it can even take the place of wants or desires for things, we think we must have. It can quiet the mind and actually satisfy our anxieties and make room for other creative thoughts and ideas. It’s a chance to get out of your own head and your own way.

Dance can train your attention span and attitude to focus on other aspects of your body and mind combined. It alleviates the desire to think in “old” patterns. Watch your perspective change as you allow natural movement to peacefully take you away from what ails or bothers you, figuratively and physically.   If you don’t believe this, ask my friends at American DanceWheels Foundation (ADF). They know all about the thrill of dancing.  Nothing stops them.  The Fordney Foundation was one of the proud sponsors of ADF this past summer at the Pan American Games in Toronto, a very fulfilling and exciting event.

There is an emotional satisfaction and the ability to build inner strength from dancing.   It also helps us to become more grateful, compassionate, forgiving and accepting of ourselves. Dance can even help us overcome fear. Some people say, “dancing is it’s own brand of spirituality,” that deepens and enriches our lives as well as our souls. All I know is, a long time ago, I found dance and I don’t intend to stop doing it anytime soon! And, nothing beats the combination of music I love and dance together, absolutely the best!

Happy dancing,

Thought of the Week:

“Keep healthy, keep busy, keep happy, that’s what life is all about.” – Marilyn Fordne


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Shane Meuwissen is the Media Specialist for Fordney Foundation.  He is a former dance instructor who know works with his company Slow Motion Dance Videos capture the beauty of dancing. If you would like to learn more about Shane and his video work, visit his website