Dance In The Olympics (One Day)

One of the longtime dreams and goals of the Fordney Foundation and Marilyn Fordney, is to see ballroom dancing be part of the Olympics programming both in Winter and Summer scheduling.  So far, it is a work in progress and the dream is coming closer and closer to becoming a reality.  And, it actually has a better shot at making it into Summer scheduling because ballroom dancing is not done in the snow, and that is a consideration.

We are not the only ones with this vision and we want you to know about a non-profit organization that fights hard for our dancesport rights on this issue and many other important ballroom industry current topics, representing both the professional and amateur dancer.  USA Dance Inc. was established in 1965 and celebrated its 50thAnniversary in 2015.  USA Dance basically promotes the acceptance of ballroom dancing into the Olympics.  In doing so, USA Dance became hugely responsible for the bylaws that govern the ballroom industry on the whole.  They have over 150 chapters spread across the United States.

The bylaws established by USA Dance were important because of the need to break down the classification groups of types of dancers.  The four main groups are the International Style competitors, the American Style competitors, the Social dancers, and the Youth and College dancers.   While helping the competitors to compete nationally and internationally, USA Dance helps to find available floors, venues, and music for the Social dancers, which still is the backbone and strength of their organization.  The mission of USA Dance is to improve the quality and the quantity of dancing in the United States and they are dedicated to supporting your ballroom dancing experience, in any way they can.

USA Dance is the Recognized Sports Organization for DanceSport in the United States.  As far as DanceSport being recognized, USA Dance is the official member organization of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the U.S. member of the world governing organization, the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), that is the official global member organization of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

According to the latest progress being made today, along with the WDSF, USA Dance continues to sustain national and international global acceptance for

DanceSport as an official medal sport in the Olympic Games.  USA Dance works tirelessly to exceed expectations with more strategic planning, constant upgrades in management and establishing a professional division while adding in new dance categories like Break Dancing.

It’s important to realize that USA Dance Inc. is the only official member organization of the United States Olympic Committee (IOC).  It is an uphill climb for sure, but with their coveted spot in the

Olympic Committee, USA Dance will (one day) be able to select the DanceSport athletes to represent the United States in the Olympic Games.  Also interesting to note, USA Dance has been selecting athletes to represent the United States and Pan American games since 2001 in the World Games. The next World Games will happen in 2021 in Birmingham, AL.

USA Dance is there for you, ballroom dancers. Do whatever you can to support this fine, non-profit organization – they are the ticket to seeing Ballroom Dancing in the Olympics!  It could be you one day saying, “I’m going to be dancing at the Olympics” and that will be a great day!

Thought Of The Week:

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Shane Meuwissen is the Media Specialist for Fordney Foundation.  He is a former dance instructor who know works with his company Slow Motion Dance Videos capture the beauty of dancing. If you would like to learn more about Shane and his video work, visit his website