DREAM invited to Concert On The Green

Erica Arnold, Princessa at Concert On the Green

It’s not everyday that a dance program gets invited to a music concert. That is exactly what happened last Sunday, August 5 at 5:30 PM in Woodland Hills, CA, when Erica Arnold was invited on behalf of DREAM to attend Concert on the Green. Concert on the Green is a free event put on by Valley Cultural Center. The concert takes place at the beautiful Lou Bredlow Pavilion in Warner Park.

The main headliner was BOSTYX. BOSTYX is a cover band that played Boston and Styx hits. The event was a full concert. Our DREAM team consisting of Erica, her husband Artemi Okunev and their dog, Princessa, all had a great time. They met a drama teacher from a middle school who wants to help DREAM become involved in teaching ballroom dance to middle schools. We say, bring it on! DREAM got a great response and a lot of respect and appreciation that day from people who stopped by their booth to praise the dance program. We actually have to give some credit to Princessa, Erica and Artemi’s dog, for being the welcoming committee, getting a lot of attention and bringing people to the DREAM booth.

Artemi Okunev at Concert on the Green

As you may know, DREAM, is a non-profit dance program instructed by Erica Arnold, teaching ballroom dance to children currently from the L.A. unified school district. DREAM stands for Discover, Respect, Express, Achieve, Motivate. That is what this dance program achieves when children find that dance gives them a newly found self-esteem, teaches them social skills, boosts confidence and so much more. The Fordney Foundation funds this worthwhile program and we would like to teach many more grade school children to dance in local schools, but that will depend on future funds available.

Erica Arnold, Artemi Okunev at Concert On The Green

You can contact DREAM at www.dreamdanceprogram.org. You can also follow the DREAM program on: Facebook – @dreamdanceprogram, Instagram – @dreamdanceprogram and Twitter – @DREAMdanceprogram. Erica Arnold, dance instructor, extraordinaire, learns each and every one of her student’s names and loves teaching kids to dance. Currently, Erica and her husband, Artemi Okunev, teach at EA Dance. It is a dance studio creatively designed to bring health, fun and competitive value to your dance experience. EADANCELA@GMAIL.COM.

Your generous tax-deductible contribution makes a huge difference in many childrens’ lives. Our DREAM program makes it possible for children to fulfill their dreams and become healthy, happy, and more centered adults.

Please send your tax deductible contribution to:

Fordney Foundation

5739 Kanan Road #206

Agoura Hills, CA 9130

Thought Of The Week:

Try to leave the earth a better place than when you arrived – Sidney Sheldon

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