Dreams Do Come True

Nicole E. Stolle

The Fordney Foundation takes great pride in being able to award scholarships to deserving dancers. Marilyn Fordney has a wonderful relationship with Brigham Young University and we are in our 7th year of being able to present a plaque to a Brigham Young University dance student. Marilyn Fordney and her husband Alex will travel to Brigham Young University to personally award a new recipient their plaque. The plaque has all seven recipients in brass plates, as it is a revolving plaque and is handed to the next recipient each year.

We are happy to present to you this year’s honored recipient. Her name is Nicole E. Stolle. Nicole has sent Marilyn a very nice letter and I’d like to share it with you. Nicole is in her third year in the Ballroom Dance Company. Her first tour was to Nauvoo, her second was the chance to tour in England, Germany and Switzerland and compete at the Blackpool Championships. This year the BYU dance company is planning a tour to China.

Nicole has been dancing ballroom for about nine years. She was thrilled after high school to come to Brigham Young University and join the dance program. Nicole has had wonderful experiences there. The program gave her a wonderful group of friends and so many opportunities that she never expected. She says the greatest gift she received is when she met her husband to be on the team! We congratulate Nicole and her husband Sterling, they were married last December. Nicole tells us that this scholarship means the world to not only her but her husband as well.

Nicole is a public health major at the university and is planning on graduating next April. She desires to work in international non-profit but for the time being is planning on supporting her husband through medical school. She also would like to be a mother one day.

Nicole thanked Marilyn Fordney for her generosity. She said this is a gift that helps provide for her future. You are truly welcome Nicole.

We are very happy for you and Sterling and wish you well!


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