Ebb and Flow

I know Ebb and Flow sounds like a couple of characters on a brand new television show. Ebb and flow aren’t really people’s names at all. Ebb and flow can be a description of life so to speak, as in life there are many highs and lows. Literally, ebb means the movement of the tide out to sea. While flow is the opposite, it is a steady and continuous current or stream towards land. As in life, we encounter a recurrent pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth. This is the state of ebb and flow. It depicts what life is, and very much describes the trials and tribulations of a dancer’s life as well.

As I’ve stated many times before, those of us who dance and know the pleasure it gives to others, and us, practically have a leg up (pun too good to pass up) in that we have found a part of life that gives us happiness and true satisfaction. Do you know how many people wander the earth looking for something to believe in? Because life has so many ups and downs and commitments, we all must deal with these things first. Many times it is not possible to do what we love or even have the opportunity to find out what it is we really want to do. It is a great blessing to be comfortable with one’s self. If you know you love to dance and want to do it forever, you’ve got answers to some of life’s burning questions. The luxury of time is not always on our side either. But you, as young dancers, again may take some comfort here too. You know what you want to do and you figured it out at an early age. How fortunate! Are you getting the drift, yes, another pun that describes ebb and flow and you my lucky dancers!

You have already beat many people in the world, who quest for the one thing that you already possess, and that is passion. You also have time on your side because you found out early what dance means to you and thus a long life of dancing can propel you into many interesting careers in and around dance.

So the next time you have a sore toe, or your dance partner is making you mad, or your dance teacher is making you practice the same thing over and over again until you are sick of it, think again. Take it in stride and surge through problems like it’s your own personal plight of acceptance. Brighten your attitude to reflect the privilege you’ve been given. Know that the ebb and flow of dance/life will continue and it is up to you to see it through with style, grace and dignity. Hold up the honor of being a precious dancer. After all, you are the chosen few.

Let the rhythmical movement of life and dance be your guide and see you through to solutions that satisfy your soul and mind. That is ebb and flow.

Thought Of The Week:

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Shane Meuwissen is the Media Specialist for Fordney Foundation.  He is a former dance instructor who know works with his company Slow Motion Dance Videos capture the beauty of dancing. If you would like to learn more about Shane and his video work, visit his website https://slowmotiondancevideos.com/