Fordney Foundation Honors Best of the Best at the Ohio Star Ball 2017

Eric Kashkevych, Daria Andreyev at Ohio Star Ball 2017, Photo by Alex Havasi

Following the East coast versus West coast team match, we had our very first Best of the Best competition. The Fordney Best of the Best DanceSport Challenge is a competition between some of the top young amateur couples in the country who are winners at the PT 1-2, JR 1-2, and  YA ages of dance. The Challenge has now expanded to 41 qualifying events held throughout the calendar year, (see list at and culminating with the Grand Finale events at the Ohio Star Ball.

Each qualifying event hosts a Best of the Best Challenge. Entering in your selected age division at a participating event is the first step to qualifying. Make sure to check the details as outlined in the organizers’ literature. Couples became eligible to compete in the Best of the Best competition by winning dance-offs at many Fordney competitions. At each competition, the PT1 winner danced off against the PT2 winner in Latin and then again in Standard. Also, the JR1 winner danced off against the JR2 winner in Latin and then again in Standard. For the Youth, the winners of Latin and Standard automatically get invitation letters to compete in the Best of the Best show dance competitions at the Ohio Star Ball.

The Overall winner from each participating competition is asked to prepare a solo presentation in the dance of their choice at the Grand Finale Challenge in Ohio.  At the Grand Finale, the overall winners from each competition present their solo and compete for the coveted Best of the  Best Dancesport Challenge title at the PT1-2, JR1-2, and YA ages.

Some couples created and wore special costumes using music to match their theme. The first couple to perform was Eric Kashkevych & Daria Andreyev who appeared completely painted in silver paint from head to toe including their hair. They looked like metallic robots and did a dance that would “knock your socks off,” so to speak. In fact, they won Best of the Best and performed at the evening show in the Battelle Room. However, all presentations were professional and outstanding in every way. Pre-Teen:                                                                                                                

1 – Eric Kashkevych & Daria Andreyev (97.3) Ethan Hayutt & Anastasia Lepin (96.1) Daniel Novikov & Mishella Vishnevskiy (96.1) Anthony Tatoosi & Emily Dobson (95.3) Anthony Mattos & Eva Zinchenko (94.3) David Maimon & Raquel Teper (93.9) Leo Kolmykov & Alexa Sosna (93.4)

Best of the Best Pre-Teen Winners at OSB 2017, Photo by Alex Havasi

Junior: 1 – Tyler Li & Angelica Lowe (96.7) Jonas Terleckas & Ruby Castro (96.6) Danylo Yanchyshyn & Dascha Wright (96.4) Matviy Korsunskiy & Alisa Kashkevych (96.3) Carter Williams & Anika Baker (96.3) Dave Firestein & Shelly Umansky (96.1) Jacob Young & Polina Berisheva (95.3)

Best of the Best Junior Winners-OSB 2017, Photo by Alex Havasi

Youth: 1 – Erik Linder & Shelly Meshkausk (96.0) Yusif Amsatr & Naomi Spektor (95.6) Aleksandr Mitronin & Olivia Agranovich (94.1)

Best of the best YA Winners at OSB 2017, Photo by Alex Havasi

We congratulate all of the Best of the Best dancers and their accomplishments.  As for the Fordney Foundation, since this was our very first Best of the Best, we now will be looking forward to the Best of the Best Challenges in the future and are both happy and excited that we may bring this opportunity to you!

Beginning in 2018, the top studio will be given additional recognition noting their students and the dance teacher’s studio.

Thought Of The Week:

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail  –  Benjamin Franklin



Shane Meuwissen is the Media Specialist for Fordney Foundation.  He is a former dance instructor who know works with his company Slow Motion Dance Videos capture the beauty of dancing. If you would like to learn more about Shane and his video work, visit his website