Fordney Foundation Proudly Presents our Association with Brigitt Mayer-Karakis

If there is such a category as “dance advocate” that would have to describe one person, that person would be, Brigitt Mayer. This dynamic lady has done so much for dance and the dance world that it will be hard to give you a full background on everything Brigitt Mayer has accomplished and is currently working on, in just this blog.

The Fordney Foundation is one of the sponsors of a wonderful, new dance history video that Brigitt just made for DanceArchives, it is called, “A Talk With Sam Sodano.” You will be able to see it in

various places that I will be showcasing soon on our website!  Here is a link for you to see it now:  We are very excited about our association with Brigitt Mayer and want to welcome her to the Fordney Foundation family!

Now, please enjoy reading some of the many highlights this fabulous lady has had in making contributions to the dance world! Brigitt, who was born in Germany, started her professional life as a photographer and gymnastics teacher, and became a professional ballroom dancer in 1988. In 1991 she moved to Canada and began to represent her new home country on the world stage of dancing. She came in second in the World Latin-American Show Dance Championship, second in the World Open Exhibition Championship, and second in the British Open Rising Star Championship.

In 1998, Brigitt, known for her innovative and creative approach to ballroom dancing, received an invitation to perform “Duel of the Giants” at Royal Albert Hall in London. This was a coveted honor that not many other dancers receive. Brigitt has had many national and international invitations in her life.  In 2000, Brigitt received the CAN-AM DanceSport Special Achievement Award in Toronto for her contribution to ballroom dancing.

Among Brigitt’s accomplishments, is the pleasure of receiving an award in 2011 for writing a book called, “Ballroom Icons.” She won this prestigious Independent Publisher Book Award for writing about a topic she is continually passionate about, preserving dance history. Brigitt has graciously offered to donate two copies of her award winning book that will be given to the first place winners in Latin and first place winners in Standard which will be added to their winning as additional prizes at the Ohio Star Ball in 2018. I would like to make

you aware and invite you to visit a website Brigitt created to record the history of ballroom dancing,

Currently, Brigitt is on the Board of Directors of the National Dance Council of Canada (NDCC) and the Canadian Dancesport Federation (CDF). She is also Chief of the History Committee for WDC Educational Department.  Their website on Facebook is  I would like to encourage you to see Brigitt’s “History of Ballroom Dancing, Part I at:

Brigitt is a highly commended member of the Canadian Dancers Federation and the British Dancers Federation International. She is a World Championships judge, and is also affiliated with Arthur Murray International Inc. Brigitt continues to travel extensively as a World Championship judge and coach. Brigitt has also been a performance critic for numerous dance publications.

As you can see from the good work and causes Brigitt Mayer dedicates her time to, I have only scratched the surface about all the accolades she has received and the work she continually does in the name of dance.  Dear readers, I hope you can see why the Fordney Foundation welcomes Brigitt Mayer, is inspired by her, and looks forward to many more dance worthy creations with this hard-working, creative and talented lady.

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Shane Meuwissen is the Media Specialist for Fordney Foundation.  He is a former dance instructor who know works with his company Slow Motion Dance Videos capture the beauty of dancing. If you would like to learn more about Shane and his video work, visit his website