Here’s What Brent Is Saying and Doing about ‘The Ladies of Ballroom’

Brent Mills-The Ladies of Ballroom CD

We just finished the first recording session for our compilation! We began with the tune “Mysterious Ways,” originally by U2. We turned this pop/rock tune into a sassy foxtrot! We are now in Post-Production, cleaning up the tracks, mixing and editing. We predict that the final master will be done in about 2 weeks! Also, the end of October, we will shoot a music video, featuring my band playing it LIVE, in a ballroom with 20 plus pro couples dancing to it! This will boost the song and give very needed exposure to this special project that not only gives back to our sponsor, The Fordney Foundation, but begin the sales of the single track…and THAT’S the beginning of dollars going BACK to Fordney! We will promote this video on our very own YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and any other media we can find!

Remember, we’ve raised a little less than HALF of the cost of this project! Thus, if you know anyone that would like to participate, PLEASE have them contact me directly (973.207.8694 or and I can take it from there!~ If you haven’t sent your 5 song suggestions, please do so as this will assist us in completing the entire song list!

Our next track will be a Cha Cha, and we have already started the arrangement!

I’ve attached a few pictures from the recording, so you can take a look at some of the

exciting things we’re going to do with these songs! You can also view some video of the process by clicking here:   Here you’ll see a lot of the posts we did while recording! We received hundreds of “likes” and messages!

So, the ball is rolling, music is being made, new for dancers all over the world…Thanks to YOU! 🙂

All the best to all of you!

Brent Mills

Thought For The Week:

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak!  –  Epictetus


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