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Brent Thomas Mills, Photo by Alex Havasi

At last, we can finally fill you in on the latest developments of the new exciting project involving Brent Thomas Mills and the Fordney Foundation.  If you recall, I have written a few blogs on the ‘Ladies of Ballroom,’ and now, as promised, we can give you the information all about the project and answer many of the questions regarding this unique opportunity to be involved in an original, first of it’s kind music and dance compilation CD. In fact, it is our participants in the project who will be the inspiration and soul of the project!  Let Brent Thomas Mills tell you about it himself.

Hello ‘Ladies of Ballroom’!

Finally!  We have found a non-profit organization to work with our project!!  Read below and learn all about it!

I hope that you are as excited by the ‘Ladies of Ballroom’ project as I am.  I’ve put together a more in-depth overview for your perusal.  Once you have reviewed, please feel free to offer any edits or ideas.  This is a collaborative effort, so all input is welcomed!

We have found the perfect partner, the Fordney Foundation, who shares our excitement on this project.  Established in 2002, this non-profit organization has goals and objectives that completely align with our project’s mission.  Please check out their website:  www.fordneyfoundation.org for more information.

Our Mission:

  • Join with the Fordney Foundation to enhance support for the youth in our ballroom community.

  • Through financial support, we will help new youth programs form while also increasing the exposure and accessibility of ballroom dance to youth and young adults.

  • In addition, we will support competitive ballroom dancing while awarding scholarships and training to amateur competitors in the youth and young adult categories.

  • Produce and distribute American Style Music to raise funds for the above programs.

Our Product:

Our initial project will include a double compact disc of Rhythm and Smooth music, with custom arrangements of songs selected by you – the ‘Ladies of Ballroom.’  My creative team and I will arrange all the tracks, and each will have a proper introduction, danceable phrasing, and – most importantly – the correct tempo for competitive dancing.

Here’s How It Could Work:

  •  Each CD would contain 3 songs per dance. The Rhythm CD would have 15 tracks and the Smooth CD would have 12 tracks – a total of 27 tracks of great dance music!

  • As one of our ‘Ladies of Ballroom,’ you would choose your 5 favorite songs to include on the CD. You can choose an old favorite or a new song that you’ve never heard as a dance track – the choice is yours! Note: the final song selection would be made by BallroomPlaylist, LLC to ensure the strongest compilation of music.

  • The double CD would include a beautifully designed 6-panel insert crediting both the project donors and the performing artists on the CD. Additionally, the insert would include a brief, personal explanation from you on why this song was your choice. The insert could also include photos of the ‘Ladies of Ballroom’ or you could remain anonymous, if preferred.

  • With music chosen by dancers and arranged by musicians, the ‘Ladies of Ballroom’ project CD project would fill a void in the dance music industry, while supporting the dreams of many talented young dancers. It’s your opportunity to pay it forward to the next generation of dancers.

Our Market:

  • The ‘Ladies of Ballroom’ compilation double CD would be released on all media outlets: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and so on. Consumers may buy the entire album (either Rhythm or Smooth); individual track purchases would NOT be an option.

  • The CD would also be distributed in Europe and Japan, via my partnerships with Dancelife (Holland) and DancelifeUSA. DanceVision.com has also agreed to distribute the compilation through its online retail outlet. Additional industry specific distribution may be negotiated.

  • The ‘Ladies of Ballroom’ project would also have a website, Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest feed to provide easy instructions to purchase the CD, apply for grants through the Fordney Foundation, or read about the Foundation and its mission.

Production Management:

  • Sales, distribution, media, management would be handled by BallroomPlaylist, LLC. Proceeds from CD sales would be directed to the Fordney Foundation to provide financial support to youth dancers through their annual grant process. For more information on that process, please go to https://fordneyfoundation.org/grants/.

  • BallroomPlaylist, LLC, would act as the agent to negotiate financial details with the Fordney Foundation, to maximize the donations back to the youth ballroom community in support of our mission.

  • Production, design and manufacturing of the final CD would be handled by Music-4-Movement Records, LLC. BallroomPlaylist, LLC, would retain all rights (both copyright and licensing) to the final arrangements of each track.

  • All recordings would be produced in Las Vegas, NV, USA, by my partners, Carlos Elorza and Chris Jacome, and me (Brent Thomas Mills).

  • IMPORTANT:  Due to the high cost of producing this compilation, we need to raise a minimum of $108,000 to start work on this project! Remember, donors are not required to be dancers. Anyone who is interested in the project can participate!!!

What’s Next?

  • Confirm all ‘Ladies of Ballroom’ project participants and song “wish lists.” All participants will have one or more of your song requests produced.

  • Costs for the project will be finalized and approved by the ‘Ladies of Ballroom’ project Board of Directors. The approximate cost per track, is in the range of $3,000-5,000, depending on how much instrumentation and time are required to produce each individual song. Once we have a final list of songs, my team can provide a more accurate cost assessment.

  • Think about making your year-end donation. With the end of 2016 fast approaching, many of you want to finalize your charitable/ tax-deductible contributions for the year. I hope that you’ll include the ‘Ladies of Ballroom’ project on that list and send your check to:

Fordney Foundation 5739 Kanan Road, #206 Agoura Hills, CA 91301 Please include ‘Ladies of Ballroom’ CD Project on the memo line of your check!

Our mission is sound, our plan is strong, and our ‘Ladies of Ballroom’ – YOU – are the true differentiator. With your personalized song choices and stories behind those selections, you can take this project from good to great. Think of the tremendous outreach we can provide for those youth who have not been able to experience the awesome synergy of music and dancing! We can make dreams come true.

I’m happy to talk to hear any concerns or ideas. Please don’t hesitate to call me at 973-207-8694.

Thank you! Brent Thomas Mills

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