Ohio Star Ball Presents Fordney Foundation Team Matches 2018

DanceSportPhotography.com East Coast Team/OSB 2018

If you are a fan of attending competitions and better yet, performing at them, then you know that the Ohio Star Ball is the competition to be at.  It is the largest Pro/Am competition in the world today. This year, the excitement went up a notch as the always expanding Ohio Star Ball added another team category to the East and West Team Matches.  Sam Sodano added the  Central Team Match to rev up the competition and give many more dancers an opportunity to get in on the awesome “team spirit” of this event.  This area represents not only the central part of North America in the United States but also parts of Canada.

As I said, the adrenaline was through the roof with the final winners being the East Coast Team.  The mascots were there to cheer the teams on and it was a grand day, full of wonderful memories.  All the teams were in peak form and danced magnificently.   Congratulations to the East Coast dancers who won this year!

East Coast Team – Blue


Leo Kolmykov & Daria Andreyev

Jake Berg & Anna Talis

Eric Kuznetsov & Sarah Kliger

Matthew Zoladkiewicz & Elizabete Grigalinovica-Leja

Kristers Smits & Elizabeth Shlimovich

East Coast Team – Blue


Kirill Zakirzyanov & Valerie Snitko

Eric Kashkevych & Anna Bogutskiy

Daniel Shtern & Anna Markman

Dave Firestein & Shelly Umansky

Kevin Filipczak & Danielle Malpa

DanceSportPhotography.com West Coast Team/OSB 2018

West Coast Team – Red


Timothy Tkachenko & Adyson Cherkos

Daniel Novikov & Mishella Vishnovskiy

Nathan Zaytsev & Annika Mugin

Tyler Li & Anjelica Lowe

Danylo Yanchyshyn & Dascha Wright

West Coast Team – Red


Aleq Foyez & Emily Semerdjian

Justin Lujan and Julia Zilman

Anthony Mattos & Eva Zinchenko

Matthew Bezzat & Abigail Werner

Erik Linder & Shelly Meshkausk

DanceSportPhotography.com Central Team/OSB 2018

Central Team – Green


Brian Rizun & Sophia Doliwa

Andrew Pavlyk & Melaniya Sydor

Ilan Friedman & Zlata Zarkhin

Oskar Rybczynski & Yulia Kochanska

Nickolas Bleykhman & Alyssa Kobus

Central Team – Green


Issac Koyfman & Capri Johnson

Volodymyr Kuyek & Emma Rainyte

Liran Lander & Isabella Staniviciutes

Kye Rivers & Cora Riley

Tomas Paleauscas & Greta Acas

We also want to give a big “thank you” to all the team captains and mascots for their hard work and participation.

Fordney Team Match

East Coast – Blue

Team Captains – Rita Algarra & Maria Manusova

Team Mascot – Max Firestein

Fordney Team Match

West Coast – Red

Team Captains – Debbie Avalos-Kusumi & Maria Hansen

Team Mascot – Alex Bonkovsy

Fordney Team Match

Central – Green

Team Captains – Kimberley Mitchell & Donna Edelstein

Team Mascot – Erwin Rybczynski

If you missed the Ohio Star Ball this year, there is always another chance to spread your dance wings, grab some spotlight and have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes next year!

DanceSportPhotography.com Team Matches/OSB 2018

Thought Of The Week:

There are short cuts to happiness, dancing is one of them!



Shane Meuwissen is the Media Specialist for Fordney Foundation.  He is a former dance instructor who know works with his company Slow Motion Dance Videos capture the beauty of dancing. If you would like to learn more about Shane and his video work, visit his website https://slowmotiondancevideos.com/