Roll Call Wheelchair Dance

New Year is a good time to give thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives. Dancers are especially thankful that we have our wonderful dancing we can always turn to. That in itself is indeed, a true blessing!

I would like to tell you about an organization that loves dance so much, they felt they could bring it to people who also loved to dance, but were not able to use their legs to do so. The name of that organization is Roll Call Wheelchair Dance located in New York and they are making a lot of people happy and hopeful. Roll Call Wheelchair Dance is exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Their mission is to teach people of all ages and abilities how to partner dance.

Roll Call Wheelchair Dance is run by John Nyemcheck. He is the Examiner and Dance Director. He is a world class Adjudicator with the National Dance Council of America and the World Dance Council to name a few things he is involved in. Also part of the organization is Diane Discepolo. Diane has loved to dance all her life. She began learning Ballroom and Latin dancing as an adult. She was inspired by her father who had a spinal cord disease and a family member with MS. Diane found wheelchair dance when she went looking for a way to help a young friend who had an accident that put him in a chair. Wheelchair dance gave her a way to share her love for dance with people of all abilities.

Roll Call Wheelchair Dance provides a social dancing outlet for people that are developmentally challenged and disabled. Classes are available for children and adults alike. I particularly liked on their website that they address concerns that these people might have like, Do I Need A Partner, Where Will I Use This, How Can Someone with my Challenge Dance, etc. They answer all questions and put people at ease. Roll Call Wheelchair Dance even provides an opportunity to learn competitive style wheelchair dance and to compete at local and national dance competitions.

I applaud this wonderful organization and the beautiful service they provide. Here is Roll Call Wheelchair Dance’s website: it is inspiring to visit. Their motto is: Face To Face, Hand To Hand, Heart to Heart. A good motto for the world in general!

Thought Of The Week:

“Kindness is not about payoffs and instant gratification. It’s a low-risk investment that appreciates over time.” – Josh Radnor


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