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Spotlight – September 2017

As summer slightly takes a turn into fall while the weather is still nice and hot, so are our competitions for the month of September.  September has three great competitions all across the map.  So get your best dancing clothes and shoes out and come shine at one of these events.  Why not get picked out of the crowd and be lucky enough to perform at ‘The Best of the Best’ dinner event. It will do wonders for your dance career!

DBD&C – A Legendary Celebration   September 14 – 17, 2017   –   Boston, MA

Email:   chris@supershaq.com

Organizers:   Chris Johnson, Frank Miranda and Didio Barrera

Website:   https//www.thedbdc.com


Pacific Grand Ball   September 30, 2017   –   San Francisco, CA

Email:   info@pacificgrandball.com

Organizers:   Tomas Atkocevicius, Aira Bubnelyte and Brent Thomas Mills

Website:   http://www.pacificgrandball.com


Southwestern Invitational   September 29 – October 1, 2017   –   Irving, Texas

Email:   Southwesterninvitational@gmail.com

Organizers:   David and Jennifer Kloss

Website:   www.southwesterninvitational.com


Thought Of The Week:

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe  –  John Muir

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