• Freddie Brock

Spotlight – September 2018

This month we are going on a little whirlwind dance adventure from the East Coast (Boston, Massachusetts) to the South Central part of the United States (Irving, Texas) and end up in an awesome Pacific Coast grand ball in San Francisco, California. So if you are up for it, go grab some of those points you will need to win fabulous prizes at the Ohio Star Ball coming up in November. The Fordney Foundation loves to see you out there and while you’re shining like a star on the dance floor; get your dance studio excited about possibly winning a prize too. This will be the first year we are giving away trophies to the “Three Top Studios” of the year!

DBDC – A Legendary Celebration – September 13 – 16, 2018 Boston, MA

Email: http://www.info@theDBDC.com

Organizers: Chris Johnston, Did Barrera and Frank Miranda

Website: http://www.thedbdc.com

Southwestern Invitational – September 28 – 30, 2018 Irving, Texas

Email: http://www.Southwesterninvitational@gmail.com

Organizers: David and Jennifer Kloss

Website: http://www.southwesterninvitational.com

Pacific Grand Ball – September 29, 2018 San Francisco, CA

Email: http://www.info@pacificgrandball.com

Organizers: Aira Bubnelyte and Tomas Atkocevicius

Website: http://www.pacificgrandball.com

Thought Of The Week:

The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself – Deepak Chopra

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