The Arnold Youth Dancesport Classic – Breakout News

*** BREAKING NEWS!!! ***

The 2016 Arnold Youth Dancesport Classic is now a part of the

Fordney Foundation Junior and Youth Dancesport Series!!!

Our New Year at the Fordney Foundation has started out with a bang. We are working on new and exciting projects and events that will bring wonderful opportunities to our friends and followers.

To start with, the Fordney Foundation has become part of the 2016 Arnold Youth Dancesport Classic in the Junior and Youth Series, as announced by Sam Sodano. We are very excited about this new and recent development. The Fordney Foundation has sponsored this event in the past but now this competition is to be part of the national dance series. This is a huge honor and we are up for the challenge. This is an amazing event with top cash prizes that will be awarded. If you’ve ever wanted to enter a dance competition, this may be the one event that can broaden your outlook on dance competitions by leaving a lasting impression as to how huge and grand this particular event really is, making it the “most exciting place to dance and be a part of.” You could win an award and in addition receive this beautiful ribbon!

The Arnold Youth Dancesport Classic is an experience in elegance, featuring the nation’s best youth through collegiate dancesport athletes. It really runs the gamut in age and expertise. There are top scholarship prizes to be given away under the direction of internationally acclaimed Latin master, Sam Sodano, who organizes the competition for PBS’s “America’s Ballroom Challenge” and the master behind the very famous Ohio Star Ball.

The Arnold Youth Dancesport Classic is one of the most exciting events you can ever attend. More than 80 countries participate and about 17,000 people compete in various sports events. Believe it or not, it is far larger than the Olympics and even has some events that the Olympics do not feature. The ballroom dancesport event is spectacular and becomes even more sensational when Arnold visits the ballroom in the convention center in Columbus, Ohio to cheer on the competitors!

Sam Sodano, the organizer of this event would like to welcome all competitors to this year’s 2016 Arnold Juvenile, Junior, Youth and Collegiate Dancesport Classic on March 5 – 6, in Columbus Ohio. Here is the website for more information:

We are also excited to tell you that since we are now part of the 2016 Arnold Youth Dancesport Classic, our founder, Marilyn Fordney and her husband, Sandor (Alex) Havasi, will be attending this event and giving out the awards. For further information, please be sure to click on the links below:

Stay tuned and we will bring you the highlights of this event’s winners and fill you in on other exciting events coming soon!

Thought Of The Week:

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