The Fordney Foundation Is Proud to Announce Our Association with American DanceWheels Foundation

This was a very happy week for the Fordney Foundation. Mrs. Marilyn Fordney, our Founder was contacted by Aubree Marchione, the Artistic Director of American DanceWheels Foundation (ADF). ADF is a non-profit organization that teaches Wheelchair Ballroom and Latin Dancesport. Wheelchair dancing integrates people with and without physical disabilities. Wheelchair dancing can be enjoyed by people of all ages and ability levels. This organization also certifies professional dance teachers and therapists in American Wheelchair Ballroom and Latin Dance.

ADF created the first American style wheelchair dance syllabus, Wheel One. This organization promotes wheelchair dancing through educational services and performances in dance studios, schools and rehabilitation facilities across the country.

Ms. Marchione heard of us through USA Dance and Sam Sodano. As you may know, we work closely with Sam Sodano to feature our Junior and Youth Dancesport Series at the Ohio Star Ball each November. ADF is seeking sponsorship in the Pan American Games this July in Toronto. The Pan American Games that begin on July 11 are the third largest sporting event in the world. This event is only surpassed in size and scope by the Summer Olympics and Asian Games. Participating in this event will be five ADF couples from across the country. The partnerships are comprised of standing dancers with dancers who use wheelchairs. They will perform live during the Pan American Games as well as during the event’s Closing Ceremonies. On July 26, the Closing Ceremonies will be televised nationally and internationally. The Closing Ceremonies will be televised on Turner Broadcasting System (TBS).

The Fordney Foundation is thrilled to be part of the sponsorship of ADF at the Pan American Games. When Mrs. Fordney started the Fordney Foundation in 2002, it has always been her goal to one day see dancesport at the Olympics. Since the Pan American Games are very similar, some of her vision is coming true. The Fordney Foundation and ADF are entering into a very worthwhile relationship together and we are looking forward to many new dance adventures in the future.

Don’t be surprised if at the next Dancing With Our Local Schools (DWOLS) event just might include some of the fabulous ADF dancers! I will keep you posted about that.

Thought Of The Week:

Shine your light and share in your own unique way. The world needs you and not a copy of anyone else! – Anna Taylor



Shane Meuwissen is the Media Specialist for Fordney Foundation.  He is a former dance instructor who know works with his company Slow Motion Dance Videos capture the beauty of dancing. If you would like to learn more about Shane and his video work, visit his website