Visit to Woodlake Elementary Community Charter Ballroom Dance Class

Woodlake Elementary 4th Grade Class with Marilyn Fordney and Erica Arnold Okunev, Photo by Alex Havasi

On December 14, Alex Havasi and Marilyn Fordney were invited to see the progress of the Woodlake Elementary Community Charter ballroom dance class. This time they visited with a fourth grade class. Upon arrival on campus they signed the visitors roster and were greeted by

Woodlake Elementary, Photo by Alex Havasi

Principal, Mario Thompson and dance instructor, Erica Arnold Okunev. The fourth grade teacher, Ms. Cullen was on hand throughout the class taking care that each student stayed focus on their lesson.

This class was held outdoors and Erica used a portable sound device. The students are beginning to learn moves that they will do in a showcase in January. The students showed their rhumba and hustle dance moves with excellent arm positions. They seemed at ease and enjoyed the time spent going through the various dance movements.  And as you can see, it looks like our founder, Marilyn Fordney was having some fun participating too.  Our co-founder, Alex Havasi, took all of these animated photos.

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