Visit to Woodlake Elementary Community Charter School/DREAM

E. Arnold w/4th Graders, Photo, Alex Havasi

Marilyn Fordney, the Director of Fordney Foundation and Assistant Director, Alex Havasi were invited to attend Woodlake Elementary Community Charter School to see the DREAM program in motion.  This is the first school visited and Marilyn Fordney describes the day’s events while Alex Havasi took some pictures of the students learning the various dance steps.

We were invited on November 2nd to visit the Woodlake Elementary Community Charter School in Woodland Hills, California to meet the students that have joined our

Students, M. Fordney, E. Arnold, Photo Alex Havasi

DREAM ballroom dance sport program. Principal Mario Thompson greeted us along with his staff in the administrative school office. We were escorted to the school auditorium where Erica Arnold was teaching dance to the fourth grade students. That day they were beginning to learn the salsa dance steps. Their classroom  instructor, Cristina Ponce, was on hand so we could meet her too.

The second group of students was also fourth graders and they were very disciplined and did a good job showing us how they could perform the hustle. That day they also were beginning to learn the salsa dance steps. We also got to meet their classroom instructor, Kendra Barbula.

It was such a rewarding experience to be able to speak to all of the students in both classes and personally meet them. A special thank you to Principal Mario Thompson for inviting us. In addition, a special thank you to dance instructor, Erica Arnold, for doing such a fantastic job of getting these kids to be disciplined in learning dance.

Erica Arnold instructing 5th Graders, Alex Havasi, Photo
Students, M. Fordney, Principal Thompson, E. Arnold, & Kendra Barbula. Photo Alex Havasi

Erica Arnold instructing 5th Graders, Alex Havasi, Photo

Our best wishes to all the students for continued success in learning the skill of dance and connecting with music in which they will gain many positive benefits. We look forward to seeing them dance in a furture showcase at Woodlake.

Thought Of The Week:

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