What Is Dubstep?

By now you must know that we are all about Ballroom/Dancesport and we keep you posted in all aspects of events and subjects related to these areas hoping that they are helpful and useful to you in your dance journeys.

The Fordney Foundation also has deep love for all other dances in this vast universe and we enjoy bringing “dances of the world” to you as well. One of the newest dances to evolve in the 20th Century was the Dubstep.  It began in the 1990’s in South London,England.  It is a take-off of the Two-Step and specifically the Two-Step Garage (which I might write about at a later date, as it is pretty interesting in itself).  It also involves techno, drum and bass, broken beats, jungle dancing and reggae dance steps.

Dubstep is sometimes referred to as Popping; as it is an animated dance.  It can appear

quirky but at the same time synchronized.  And often times it can be described as robotic in nature.  The type of music played is integral to the Dubstep, you could even say it is “everything” to the dance itself.  The music is layered with dominant bass lines and deep booming vibrant drums.  Samples from other music can be used and from time to time you may hear a vocal or two.

One of the great things about Dubstep is the feeling of “being free” to express yourself.  It is less rigid than most other dances in that respect.  The reason for that is because there is no wrong way to do this dance.  Remember, it is part of the Two-Step, so you can always pick it up from there.  When the Dubstep is combined with Tectonic and Jumpstyle dance steps, that is when it becomes really fun and interesting.

I can assure you now, going out on the town to dance, if you come prepared to do the Dubstep with choreography and have practiced well, you will be the dancer that steals the show!

Happy dancing,

Thought Of The Week:

He who loves the world as his body may be entrusted with the empire  –  Lao Tzu


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