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Fordney Foundation

The Fordney Foundation is a non-profit foundation for dance sport that was established in May, 2002.The Fordney Foundation provides young people with a gift for the sport grants that allow them to train and compete in dance sport competition.



30 weeks of dance group lessons, fully funded. Learn the Merengue, Hustle, Swing, Salsa, Waltz, or Cha Cha in one 45 minute class per week.

Junior & Youth

DanceSport Series

International and American Ballroom Dancing and DanceSport Competitive ballroom dancing began in Paris in 1909 where the first world championships were held.

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brigham young university scholarship

Since 2007, a scholarship is awarded annually to help a university student pursue their goal of becoming a professional dancer.

Little Yura Loves to Dance


Little Yura loves to have fun and wants to be friends with everyone! His classmates at school are not always nice, but one day his friend gives a piece of advice... "Dance, it's very good for you!" Little Yura learned that this was true, and it turned out, he loved dancing, too!

A portion of the proceeds from this book benefit this nonprofit foundation.


Bring dance into the lives of more children and young adults

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I love to dance, and look forward to doing what I love each Friday. Thank you so much for giving us such a great program.

— Rachel, DREAM program