Junior & Youth DanceSport Series


Please use the following Discrepancy Form if results have not been posted for the dance competition(s) you have competed in. Thank you.


Age groups that qualify are based on the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) age groups and they are:

  • Pre-Teen I: 9th birthday or less

  • Pre-Teen II: 10th or 11th birthday

  • Junior I: 12th or 13th birthday

  • Junior II: 14th or 15th birthday

  • Youth: 16th, 17th, or 18th birthday

Double Points

The Fordney Foundation is celebrating our 10th anniversary of the dance series, so double points are being offered for all dance competitions in 2022.

Junior and youth dancesport competitors will accumulate points at the competitions listed below for ranking beginning at the Ohio Star Ball each November. Tabulation of scoring will begin at the Ohio Star Ball in November and end at the last event before the next Ohio Star Ball.

2021-2022 Series Events

*Please check the NDCA Calendar or each link below for up to date information regarding each event.

South Open Dancesport Championships

Dec 01-Dec 05, 2021

Orlando, FL

The Snow Ball

Jan 07-Jan 09, 2022

Bloomington, MN

Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular

Jan 20-Jan 23, 2022

Nashville, TN

Texas Challenge

Feb 04-Feb 06, 2022

Houston, TX

California Open DanceSport Championships

Feb 16-Feb 20, 2022

Costa Mesa, CA

Eastern United States Dancesport Championships

Feb 25-Feb 27, 2022

Boston, MA

First Coast Classic Dancesport Championships

Mar 09-Mar 12, 2022

St Augustine, FL

Michigan Dance Challenge

Mar 23-Mar 26, 2022

Dearborn, MI

Indianapolis Open Dancesport Competition

Mar 31-Apr 03, 2022

Indianapolis, IN

Toronto Open

Apr 7-Apr 10, 2022

Toronto, ON, Canada

Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships

Apr 25-May 01, 2022

Los Angeles, CA

The Crown Jewel of Dancesport Competition

May 12 - May 15, 2022

Naples, FL

Three Diamond Dancesport

Jun 04, 2022

Pittsburgh, PA

Millennium Dancesport Championships

Jun 20-Jun 26, 2022

Dallas, TX

Twin Cities Open Ballroom Championships

Jul 07-Jul 09, 2022

Minneapolis, MN

North Carolina Open

Jul 23, 2022

Charlotte, NC

Heart of America Championships

Aug 10-Aug 14, 2022

Kansas City, MO

Boca Ballroom DanceSport Competition

Aug 18-Aug 20, 2022

Palm Beach, FL

Cleveland Dancesport Challenge

Sep 22-Sep 24, 2022

Cleveland, OH

Constitution State Dancesport Championships

Sep 30-Oct 02, 2022

Stamford, CT

San Francisco Autumn Dance Classic

Oct 14-Oct 16, 2022

San Francisco, CA

Grand National Championships

Oct 26-Oct 30, 2022

Doral, FL

Kings Ball

Dec 01-Dec 05, 2021

Whippany, NJ

Riverfront Dancesport Festival

Jan 08, 2022

Cincinnati, OH

Golden Star Dancesport Championships

Jan 27-Jan 30, 2022

New York, NJ

Chicago All-Star DanceSport

Feb 05, 2022

Chicago, IL

Florida Star Ball

Feb 17-Feb 20, 2022

Tampa, FL

Heritage Classic Ballroom Championships

Mar 01-Mar 05, 2022

Charlotte, NC

Tri-State Challenge Dancesport Championships

Mar 18-Mar 20, 2022

Stamford, CT

Windy City Open Dancesport Competition

Mar 24-Mar 27, 2022

Chicago, IL

The Ball at the San Francisco Open Dancesport Championships

Mar 31-Apr 03, 2022

Burlingame, CA

Wisconsin State Dance Championships

Apr 20-Apr 24, 2022

Milwaukee, WI

Dance Passion Ball

Late April/Early May – Date TBD

Brooklyn, NY

Dance Stars Festival

May 15, 2022

San Francisco, CA

Chicago Crystal Ball

Jun 09-Jun 12, 2022

Chicago, IL

Northcoast Dancesport Classic

Jun 23-Jun 26, 2022

Cleveland, OH

Desert Classic Dancesport Championships

Jul 07-Jul 10, 2022

Palm Springs, CA

DBDC - a Legendary Celebration

Jul 28-Jul 31, 2022

Boston, MA

Fantasy Ball DanceSport Competition

Aug 13, 2022

Virginia Beach, VA

Capital Dance Championships

Aug 24-Aug 28, 2022

Alexandria, VA

Southwestern Invitational

Sep 23-Sep 25, 2022

Dallas, TX

Elite Dancesport

Oct 06-Oct 09, 2022

Newport Beach, CA

Nebraska Dance Festival

Oct 15, 2022

Omaha, NE

Hollywood Dancesport Championships

Oct 26-Oct 30, 2022

Los Angeles, CA

Holiday Dance Classic Championships

Dec 08-Dec 12, 2021

Las Vegas, NV

Boston Dancesport Cup

Jan 15, 2022

Woburn, MA

City Lights Open

Jan 27-Jan 30, 2022

San Jose, CA

Utah DanceSport Challenge

Feb 05, 2022

Provo, UT

New York Dance Festival

Feb 21-Feb 24, 2022

New York, NY

Arnold Sports Festival

Mar 05-Mar 06, 2022

Columbus, OH

Baltimore Dancesport Challenge

Mar 19, 2022

Linthicum, MD

Liberty Ball

Mar 27, 2022

Philadelphia, PA

San Diego Ballroom Beach Bash

Apr 05-Apr 09, 2022

San Diego, CA

Miami Vibe Dancesport Competition

Apr 22-Apr 24, 2022

Miami Beach, FL

Atlanta Open Dancesport Spectacular

May 05-May 07, 2022

Atlanta, GA

American Star Ball Championships

May 19-May 22, 2022

Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic Dancesport Challenge

Jun 11, 2022

Baltimore, MD

Manhattan Dance Championships

Jun 29-Jul 03, 2022

New York, NY

Virgnia State Dancesport Chamionships

Jul 13-Jul 17, 2022

Reston, VA

Empire Dance Championship

Aug 03-Aug 07, 2022

Jersey City, NJ

The NV Ball DanceSport Championships

Aug 17-Aug 20, 2022

Las Vegas, NV

Embassy Dance Championships

Aug 31-Sep 04, 2022

Costa Mesa, CA

Master Dance Grand Ball

Sep 24, 2022

Fremont, CA

Chicago Harvest Moon Ball DanceSport Championships

Oct 06-Oct 09, 2022

Chicago, IL

Pennsylvania DanceSport Challenge

Oct 15, 2022

Lancaster, PA

Houston Dancesport Classic

Nov 04-Nov 06, 2022

Houston, TX

City's Dancesport Challenge

Dec 18, 2021

New York, NY

California Chic Classic

Jan 15, 2022

Garden Grove, CA

Maryland Dancesport

Feb 03-Feb 06, 2022

Baltimore, MD

Platinum Dancesport Classic

Feb 09-Feb 12, 2022

Miami, FL

Indiana Challenge Dancesport Competition

Feb 24-Feb 27, 2022

Chicago, IL

Gateway DanceSport Championships

Mar 09-Mar 12, 2022

St Louis, MO

The Royal Ball

Mar 19, 2022

Los Angeles, CA

La Classique du Quebec

March 31-April 3rd, 2022

Montreal, Quebec

Philadelphia Dancesport Championships

Apr 07-Apr 10, 2022

Philadelphia, PA

Kiwi Classic Dance Championships

Apr 23-Apr 24, 2022

Auckland, New Zealand

Portland Open Dancesport Competition

May 06-May 08, 2022

Portland, OR

Go Wild Minneapolis Dancesport

May 21, 2022

Minneapolis, MN

Yankee Classic & New England Dancesport Championships

Jun 16-Jun 19, 2022

Boston, MA

DanseSport Montreal

Jul 07-Jul 09, 2022

Montreal, QC, Canada

International Grand Ball Dancesport Championships

Jul 21-Jul 24, 2022

San Francisco, CA

Florida State DanceSport Championships

Aug 03-Aug 07, 2022

Sarasota, FL

CBC DanceSport

Aug 18-Aug 21, 2022

Columbus, OH

Galaxy Dance Festival

Sep 15-Sep 17, 2022

Phoenix, AZ

Summit DanceSport

Sep 29-Oct 02, 2022

Renton, WA

Can-Am Gala

TENTATIVE Oct 7-Oct 9, 2022

Toronto, ON, Canada

Paragon Open DanceSport Championships

Oct 20-Oct 23, 2022

Stamford, CT

Excellence Dance Festival

Nov 05, 2022

Charlotte, NC

Ranking System

Ranking Results will appear at FordneyFoundation.org after each dance competition.


The Tabulation of points will be based on multi dance categories only.


Pre-Teen 1 & Pre-Teen 2 competitors will earn points for the highest level Closed 5-Dance multi-dance category.


Junior 1, Junior 2 & Youth competitors will earn points for the highest level Open 5-Dance multi-dance category.


Special 5-Dance multi-dance cross-age level grand slam or scholarship categories will also earn points.

Points will be awarded in the following manner:

  • Each Call Back = 5 points

  • Every 1st Place = 20 points

  • Every 2nd Place = 15 points

  • Every 3rd Place = 10 points

  • Every 4th Place = 8 points

  • Every 5th Place = 6 points

  • Every 6th Place = 4 points

  • Every 7th Place = 2 points

  • Every 8th Place = 2 points


Awards will be given at the Ohio Star Ball in 2022 to the top 10 couples in Standard, to the top 10 couples in Latin, and to the participants of the Team Match. To obtain the awards, couples must enter and compete at the Ohio Star Ball.


The beginning prize monies for the Fordney Junior and Youth Dance Series totals $25,000 each year with the possibility of enhancement in subsequent years. This generous offering by the Fordney Foundation will be shared with the listed age groups and the overall Top Ten Couples in the Ballroom and Latin Divisions.

The overall Ballroom and Latin winners of the Fordney Foundation Junior & Youth Dancesport series will be invited to perform at the following year's Arnold Youth Dancesport Festival in Columbus Ohio.

Top 10 Grand Finale Awards are:


Prize money will be given in vouchers and reimbursed with receipts.

Team Match:
An East coast, Central, West coast, and Canadian Team Match composed of 6 couples on each team will be offered:
First place award $3,000, 2nd place award $2,000 and 3rd place award $1,000 making a total of $6,000.

Team Match Colors:

West = Red

Central = Green

East = Blue

Canada = Gold

Team Match will NOT be held at Ohio Star Ball in 2021 and will be resumed in 2022.


Click on the button below to register at one or more of the following dance competitions.

On that page, click the United States map next to Fordney Foundation. You may then select a region (1 through 7) and then choose a competition.

Top Studio Award

The three dance studios that have the most points in the Fordney Foundation Junior and Youth Dance Series will receive trophies.

Note that the dance couples must list the school they are from to receive the points for Top Studio award.


The Qualifying Event must consist of the following competition requirements:

  • Contain PT 1, PT 2, JR 1, JR 2, and YOUTH Age Categories.

  • Complete a dance-off between PT 1 AND PT 2 of the age groups—no automatic winners without a dance-off.

  • Complete a dance-off between JR 1 AND JR 2 of the age groups—no automatic winners without a dance-off.

  • There is no dance off for the winners of the Youth Categories. –automatic qualifier without a dance-off.)

  • Receive a letter and an Application Form for the qualifying couple.

  • The chairman or official will give the winning couple of the dance-off a letter and the Application Form.

  • The Application Form must be correctly completed and mailed to the following address:  P. O. Box 14442, Columbus, OH 43214

  • The Application Form must be mailed before the October 7th, 2022 Deadline.

  • A Dance picture must be submitted with the application.

  • No verbal entries will be accepted. ­

The Classifications include the following three Categories:

  • PT 1 – 2 —no automatic winners without a dance-off.

  • JR 1 – 2 —no automatic winners without a dance-off.

  • YOUTH –automatic qualifier without a dance-off.)

Ohio Star Ball Finale Rules:

  • Only one performance by a couple allowed at the Ohio Star Ball.

  • A couples Routine must not exceed 1 minute and 30 seconds, including set-up and entry. If music exceeds it will be faded out after three (1:30) minutes. 

  • All music must be brought to the music director in a non-protected MP3 format on a Flash drive 40 minutes prior to performing. The music director will be located in Battelle Hall directly behind the convention center in Columbus, Ohio.

  • The qualifying winners of the Best of the Best Fordney Foundation are allowed to dance any style in the Best of the Best dance off and are allowed to wear costumes of their choice.

  • No props are allowed. Unless apart of the dancer’s costume
    and not discarded.


  • Two lifts are allowed but not overhead.

  • Finale entrants must be an active competitor at the Ohio Star Ball.

  • The overall winner of the PT, JR, and YOUTH will be invited to perform an encore dance on Friday evening.

Please Remember, you must be an active competitor at the
Ohio Star Ball.

  • Dance picture must be submitted with the application.

  • You can qualify at many events, but you are limited to only one routine in the Finale.

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