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Boogie-woogie Baby!

It’s time to get out those dancing shoes and have the most fun you can possibly have

while dancing. Not only is it springtime, but it looks like in most places in the world, there is a lift on strict pandemic restrictions. A reason to dance all the more!

I don’t know about you, but when I see two people doing the Boogie-woogie, I’m mesmerized by all those fantastic moves. Boogie-woogie is fast and furious while it implements streamlined footwork, done to infectious music beats. It’s all timed to perfectly captivate anyone who dares to look away for one second, for fear of missing one single cool move!

Whether you call it Jitterbug, East Coast swing or even the Lindy Hop, they all had a hand in creating the Boogie-woogie. Out of all the dances performed in this world, it is possible to say that Boogie-woogie has some undisputed acrobatic components. It is also a dance that allows for improvisation and the use of free styling dance techniques too. One thing is for sure, no matter where Boogie-woogie dancers picked up their moves, they make it look effortless!

In America, starting in the 1950’s when “Rock ‘n’ Roll” came into being, recording artists and international stars like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis absolutely gave the Boogie-woogie top status as the dance to do. Superb music came from that era and it has never lost it’s appeal to millions of music lovers around the world. And of course, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and "Rock 'n' Roll are not going away, anytime soon. Right up there with all of that, dancers will swear by their swing and boogie-woogie moves that continue to dazzle us.

So let’s all celebrate and put a little boogie-woogie in our steps. It’s just what we need to awaken our instincts and line up our energies with our dance chakras!

***We have received contributions from individuals who would like to have a dear relative or friend who passed on remembered that loved to dance or was a dance aficionado. We call these memorial contributions. Perhaps you would like to have someone memorialized in this manner. Make a donation and give us their name. We have on our website a yellow brick road to engrave their name to a brick as a memorial to that person. This contribution will assist future generations of dancers and help keep young people more positive and healthy.


Thought Of The Week:

I'm always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it - Pablo Picasso

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Shane Meuwissen is the Media Specialist for Fordney Foundation.  He is a former dance instructor who know works with his company Slow Motion Dance Videos capture the beauty of dancing. If you would like to learn more about Shane and his video work, visit his website

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