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Dance—Here and Now

From where I sit, and believe me, there’s been a lot of sitting for most people; that has become the new normal lately. In these pandemic times, what do you expect? However, there is one group of people who resist that kind of thinking because it is simply not in their blood.

I’m talking about the incredible ballroom dancers who have persisted against all odds. You spirited, talented girls, boys, men and women have a will that is stronger than any virus. I have seen such remarkable determination to find ways to dance, be creative and stay fit. In my mind, you have proven to be the most positive role models I know of today.

I am in awe of how you have created dance videos, taken lessons from dance tutorials, classes, etc. You have branched out to learn new forms of exercise and other healthy activities. Most of all, you continue to maintain your love for dance and have encouraged others to get up and dance too.

I am also talking about the people who love and promote ballroom dance events. They have been working tirelessly to bring back our phenomenal competitions in a beneficial way that acknowledges our current situation. Because of our community’s undying devotion, we see competitions starting to reorganize and start-up again. This renews hope that ballroom dancing will thrive again, proving to be even more popular then it was before.

As a tribute and inspiration to all of our friends and readers, I would like to remind you of how deep our dance connection goes. Ballroom dance is not only art; it is a magnificent form of expression.

The virtues of dance can be explained in many different ways. Each of us has our own interpretation of how it affects us. Dance can be in the form of prayer, meditation, as well as a form of escape. We can be spiritually moved as well as be moved in our own dance. Dance centers us, provides serenity and makes us feel safe within ourselves. And when we venture out and dance with others, dance provides connection and rapport. In this day and age, I would also like to add how well our dance community has maintained the art of social distancing.

Ballroom dancing has deep roots that resonate with people all over the world. I am proud of our ballroom dance community and what they have accomplished in these past few months. Dancers will always hold up the light in their special and unique way—ballroom dancers will continue to carry the torch.

**We have received contributions from individuals who would like to have a dear relative or friend who passed on remembered that loved to dance or was a dance aficionado. We call these memorial contributions. Perhaps you would like to have someone memorialized in this manner. Make a donation and give us their name. We have on our website a yellow brick road to engrave their name to a brick as a memorial to that person. This contribution will assist future generations of dancers and help keep young people more positive and healthy.

Thought Of The Week:

Before a child speaks, it sings. Before they write, they paint. As soon as they stand, they dance. Art is the basis of human expression - Phylicia Rashad


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Shane Meuwissen is the Media Specialist for Fordney Foundation.  He is a former dance instructor who know works with his company Slow Motion Dance Videos capture the beauty of dancing. If you would like to learn more about Shane and his video work, visit his website

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